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If you would like to book a talk for your group or society, please see below for the current subjects available:

NEW FOR 2021 ** “Preyers on the Public” The Art of the Con in the Nineteenth Century

NEW FOR 2021 ** “A Match made in Hell?: Shining a light on the Match Making Industry”

NEW FOR 2021 **  “We don’t want any…Master’s not in” What REALLY happened on Census night.

“Nests of ignorance…haunts of filth” Ancestors in the Courts of King Cholera  

“Given with freedom and cheerfulness and not grudgingly: Almshouses and charitable giving”

Studying the three R’s: an introduction into School and Education Records for Family Tree research.

“In Search of Lather: The Owners and Workers of Cheshire’s Soap Making Industry”

My Ancestors were Gamekeepers: Sources for Family Historians

Using Quarter Sessions Administrative Records for Family History

“Music for the Masses: Joseph Higham, Band Instrument Maker of Strangeways.”

Joseph Higham made brass and woodwind instruments for the army and navy, and ran one of the most famous musical instrument making works in the world, founded in 1842.  I will explore the manufacturing process, the impact of the rise of brass bands in the Victorian Age and the process of researching one of these important instruments which has come into my possession.

A Tale of Two Warfords: A Brief History of Great and Little Warford, near Alderley Edge

Baptists and their records – a Guide for Family Historians  A brief history of the Baptist faith, and how it fits into the national context, with sources for family history.

How to read a Landscape (this can be tailored for different geographical areas)

“Reads and sings beautifully…very defective” Mary Dendy and the Sandlebridge Schools.  A glimpse into the life and work of this champion of revolutionary healthcare

” The Art of Criminal Conversation”: Researching Divorce Records, where you can find them, and what they can tell you.

“Physick, Pothecary or Chirurgeon? ” Uncovering Cheshire’s Medical Men and their work

Unearthing our Quaker Community: a peek into the archives of the local Society of Friends

Take a look at my recent blog post articles to see what has caught my interest.

If you are interested in a family or local history subject which is not listed above, please get in touch and I may be able to be of help.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Claire Moores

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